Operations Manager

The Operations Manager will play a crucial role in developing our client business transformation strategy by leading the efforts of overall workforce planning and allocation, vendor management, and analysis of the future of work. We are looking for a software development operations-focused individual, with agility as a core value and strong leadership, stakeholder engagement and management skills. Someone passionate to work as a support & key partner driving change and assisting the product teams in delivering on our promises of high quality, innovative solutions. 

This role will collaborate closely with to our client’s Ops team members,  Guild Leaders & contributors, Tech Leads, external stakeholders, and the Tech Leadership Team.

The Operations Manager will impact the following areas:

Capacity & Resource Management

Owns the Resource Capacity Planning & Management process tree
Develops, owns, and drives operational effectiveness of our processes related to resourcing, budgeting, and forecasting for all teams.
Works alongside senior internal & external stakeholders to forecast and build new bid opportunities
Leads the development and implementation of innovative approaches to building workforce capacity and closing the gap between supply and demand.
Work closely with stakeholders and the recruitment team to share knowledge and develop aligned strategies for optimal delivery.
Develops strategy and oversees the management of any tools used to support resourcing.
Actively manages and informs resource forecasts, staffing needs, and allocations.
Forecasts resource needs: establish resource demand and implement methods of capturing specific requirements to anticipate resource requests over the short, medium, and long term.
Manages resource risks and recommends strategies for providing adequate resources during demand spikes and maintaining productivity during dips in demand.
Works with the Product Owner & Tech Leads in identifying in advance where demand for capacity cannot be met internally due to capacity or skill constraints.

Vendor Management

Manages a network of trusted vendors
Meeting with suitable Tech & Delivery vendors to assess their products, inquire about their services, negotiate prices, and communicate any product or service-related concerns.
Researching available vendors to determine which vendors offer the best pricing and product quality
Conducting interviews with new vendors and informing approved vendors of their responsibilities and obligations
Establishing standards by which to assess the performance of approved vendors

Business Operations

Works together with the Tech Leadership Team & Guilds to bring strategy to life.
Works with the client Guilds, Tech Leads & Product Owners to implement a quality-driven, agility-based production pipeline, starting from infrastructure and delivery.
Makes risk assessments, which involves analyzing risks as well as identifying, describing, and estimating the risks affecting the business
Supports timely data collection and analysis of operational and performance metrics to evaluate the efficiency and team happiness
Conducts recruitment needs assessments & conducts hiring interviews
Contributes to transparency in the workplace by promoting proactive communication and collaboration
Joins our efforts to transform our current work toward self-managed teams
Collaborates with the leadership team to actively improve client’s approach to people management
Establishes credibility throughout the organization with management and the employees to be an effective listener and problem solver of team-level issues
Participates in and help facilitate meetings and conferences.

It is also expected that the Operations Manager:

Nurtures a positive culture and work environment, keeping a vibrant pulse on how our people feel.
Is passionate about building great customer experiences
Actively participates in culture adoption initiatives & employee engagement
Analyses the organization to spot areas of improvement.
Represents the client to the outside world.
Constantly improves themselves, their domain, and cross-functional knowledge, whether independently, or as part of team initiatives.
Displays excellent communication abilities, whether in person or online, in writing or verbally.

The Operations Manager has the following skills:

3-4 years of experience in Operations or Senior Management roles in an Agile organization
Experience in building and enabling a dynamic team of high performers.
Understanding business functions such as Key Accounting, PeopleOps, Production, etc.
Demonstrable competence in strategic planning and business development
Great people skills, along with excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational abilities.
Comfortable working in a dynamic environment, often being the person others look up to for answers in ambiguous situations.
Data-driven decision making, from developing to delivering on metrics (in correlation with a people over process mentality)

And the following abilities:

An honest, trustworthy, and reliable approach in everything
A vital emotional intelligence, mixed with humbleness
Empathy towards team members, company clients, and partners.
A human-centric mindset and a passion for building people up
Adaptable to changes, with high autonomy and independence
Ability to handle ambiguity and able to turn it into operational goals
Team player who displays a genuine commitment to the team.
Desire to improve and evolve (growth-minded).