Agile Coach


Job title: Agile Coach
Location: Bucharest
Type: employment contract


Welcome package that you will feel like being part of the team.
Tailored career development plan.
Medical insurance.
Flexible working schedule


Our client is the strong technology partner of the entire group it is part of. As a central IT service provider, our client is responsible for the selection and provision of IT infrastructure, IT platforms and business applications.


Agile Coaches often are implementing this new methodology for the first time, meaning that in addition to coaching they are driving organizational change.
The goal of a Agile Coach is to improve teams and overall projects by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances.
In our Agile organization the Agile Coach coaches the people in all areas: People, Product, Technology and Process to improve value and flow continuously.
In his role the Agile Coach leads by example and shows the team how the methodology is used. He/She is in close contact with the team members and takes a teaching role towards them. The Agile Coach is not only responsible for implementing new methods but also for the day to day activities of the team like moderating meetings and clearing impediments.


Introduce, establish and train others the agile methods and agile tools.
Establish the agile mindsets within the teams and beyond team borders
Promote transparency and strengthen the confidence into the agile methodology within the company
Promote Agile Methods and Frameworks(Scrum, Kanban) in the teams and beyond organization
Works together with other Agile Coaches to improve the effectiveness of the method in the organization
Train other internal agile coaches
Lead the change in mindset and culture which is needed for the new methods to success
Help team members understand the benefits of agile methods
Coaches the team in self-organization and cross-functionality and moderates the Scrum-Meetings
Maximize the value created by Agile Methods
Empower the team to be self organized and independent
Ensures information flow between PO and the team
Actively driving and promoting change, be a “Change Driver”
A neutral process holder who guides groups through processes that help them come to solutions and make decisions
Shares knowledge, skills and perspectives that foster the personal and professional growth of other Agile Coaches


4yrs + Scrum Master / Agile Coach experience in any well-known software environment
Completed studies and perennial experience in guidance of agile, interdisciplinary teams as an agile coach
High level of “operational readiness” and willingness to develop high performance teams
Ability to work in a team with a high level of communication- and presentation skills
Certification as “Agile Coach” or Scum Master
Fluency in English, both written and spoken
German language (B2 – C1)
Communicative and natural leader
Developed teaching skills
Independent way of working and a high empathy ability
Agile mindset without dogmatism and courage to leave the beaten track
Talent for coordinating and moderating groups


Agile Experience/Planning Experience
Stakeholder Influence, Negotiation & Communication Skills
JIRA and Confluence experience
Knowledge of agile methodology and frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.
Good skills to coach team how to follow agile scrum
Strong knowledge of Scrum theory, rules and practices.
Knowledge about other methodologies other than Agile-Scrum, so that he can explain other methodologies to motivate his team.
Good knowledge of software development processes and procedures to understand his team needs.
Strong understanding of Agile techniques like: User Stories, Continuous Integration, ATDD, TDD, CI/CD, Pair Programming, Automated Testing and Agile Games
Ability to take and understand his commitment to deliver the product on time.
Know about the value of metrics and incremental delivery.
Knowledge about tasks, backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, user stories etc.
Expertise as an organizational development and change catalyst
Expert at customer and value-driven innovation and product development.

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