Enterprise Architect


Job title: Enterprise Architect
Location: Bucharest
Type: employment contract


.Net Core,JavaScript
React, Angular, Vue


Welcome package that you will feel like being part of the team.
Tailored career development plan.
Medical insurance.
Flexible working schedule


Our client is very well-known high-tech company with strong experience in the software industry.


The Enterprise Architect is responsible for building the architecture and technological vision for the entire company platforms. This is accomplished by exploring new technologies, initiating technological projects, involvement in the initial stages of projects, and building an architectural vision


Building the enterprise architecture vision
Ensure domain-driven data architecture evolution
Work with 3rd party service providers, starting at the RFP stage, POC, implementation, and communicating with vendors
Work with R&D (development) managers and the IT Department in planning technological solutions, support of the development process, introducing new technologies and instructions for physical implementation
Work closely with the solution architects to give support of the technical and technological aspects of their solutions
Assist with optimisation and scalability improvement efforts
Join ad-hoc teams/production incident/bugs meetings to give fast support and solutions for major projection issues / potential problems
Research and investigation of new and existing technologies, as well as examining their compatibility with the Company.
Building the Company’s technological roadmap that is adapted to its business needs
Guiding, consulting, and training various teams and parties in the Product Technologies Division and the B2B and B2C Divisions, while maintaining a long-term systematic and cross-organizational vision.


In-depth familiarity with complex development systems.
At least 5 years of experience as an architect and/or a CTO
At least 5 years of experience as developer / hand-on manager.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
Experience with adopting technologies, platforms, systems, etc
Experience with high volume systems and designing solutions for reliability and performance at scale
Experience with streaming architectures including cost analysis, performance tuning, and quality of service concerns
Decomposing monolithic service(s) to SOA / microservices and implementing relevant infrastructure (BFF, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Aggregators, Service discovery, Dockers, Kubernetes, API Gateways, etc.) – a big advantage
Experience with backend and frontend stacks such as .NET core (and .NET framework), Node.JS, React, Javascript, micro-frontend patterns, mobile development – best practices, tweaks, under the hood, and monitoring – a big advantage
Experience with CICD pipelines and platforms, Git flow, etc. – advantage
Experience with monitoring and logging tool such as ELK – advantage
Understanding of cloud computing technologies, business drivers, and emerging computing trends – working with public cloud such AWS and GCP – big advantage.
Matrix management abilities; able to drive and motivate interfaces.
A broad and lateral vision of technological systems; understanding long-term implications.
Presentation and guiding skills; able to convey messages effectively
Able to lead processes while demonstrating open-mindedness.
Very high inter-personal communication skills; able to work with multiple interfaces in the company
High analyzing and thinking skills and abilities; able to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

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